Anya Taylor-Joy: Cameo in Dune

Anya Taylor-Joy: Cameo in Dune

Anya Taylor-Joy has a cameo appearance in ‘Dune: Part Two’.

The 27-year-old actress walked the red carpet alongside the main stars Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya at the premiere of the second part of Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction saga.

In a brief interview with ‘Warner Bros. UK’, Taylor-Joy revealed that she also has a small role in the blockbuster, based on Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name. “You have to watch the film,” she said mysteriously about her cameo. More precise details about Anya’s part in ‘Dune: Part Two’ are not yet known.

Regarding the finished film, the ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ actress said to reporters, “I’ve seen it, and it’s probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Really, Denis managed it, it’s incredible. It’s like a dream come true, you know? The books are amazing, but with this cast and with Denis, it just couldn’t be better.” Other roles in ‘Dune: Part Two’ are taken on by Florence Pugh, Christopher Walken, Austin Butler, and Léa Seydoux.

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