Ridley Scott disses French critics: “They don’t even like themselves”

Ridley Scott disses French critics: "They don't even like themselves"

Ridley Scott’s press tour for “Napoleon” continues to deliver memorable quotes. The master director Ridley Scott has spent recent times promoting his grand new film, “Napoleon.” While other directors might have tried to present themselves as pleasant, charming, or calm, Scott has instead used his press tour to candidly vent about things that irritate him. The Oscars ceremony and historians have already been in the crosshairs, and now the French are next in line.

In an interview with BBC News, Scott is asked about his thoughts on several French newspapers giving “Napoleon” negative reviews. Scott is as outspoken as ever:

“The French don’t even like themselves. The audience I showed the film to in Paris loved it.”

Many others might have hesitated to criticize those whose great emperor and general one has just made a film about, but clearly, Ridley Scott is unfazed. I wonder if he’ll say that the Colosseum is ugly when he releases “Gladiator 2” next year?

“Napoleon” is set to be released in cinemas this Wednesday, November 22

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