Bradley Cooper: Oscar Nominations are Unbelievable

Bradley Cooper: Oscar Nominations are Unbelievable

Bradley Cooper finds his Oscar nominations “surreal.”

The 49-year-old star has received three individual nominations, including Best Actor, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay for ‘Maestro,’ his biographical romantic drama.

Bradley has now admitted to being overwhelmed by the recognition.

In an interview with ‘Deadline,’ he said: “I mean, first of all, it’s the year itself: To be included in a year where there are just such incredible movies… When we finished the film, there was a discussion about whether it would come out next year or this year, and I remember thinking I knew the movies that would be coming out.” Aware of the strong competition, Cooper doubted whether his film could stand out.

“I thought it would just be great if we ever had the fortune to be in a mix with these films and these performances. It’s a thrill. And after all the work that everyone has put in, it’s very surreal for many of us to be recognized.”

‘Maestro’ received a total of seven nominations, and Bradley admitted that the number even exceeded his own expectations. The Hollywood star, who also wrote and directed the script, said: “I really didn’t believe we would get anything, so the fact that we got seven nominations is incredible.

” ‘Maestro’ focuses on the relationship between composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montealegre, played by Carey Mulligan. The 38-year-old was nominated in the category of “Best Actress.”

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