DC’s latest superhero is soon landing on HBO Max

DC's latest superhero is soon landing on HBO Max

“Blue Beetle” was crushed at the box office. Will it fare better on streaming? The streaming service HBO Max is about to gain some extra superpowers. Next week, on November 17, “Blue Beetle” will be available in the lineup.

This is the latest superhero film from DC, which premiered in theaters in August. Unfortunately, it joined the ranks of DC’s disappointments and flops, earning only 129 million dollars in revenue. It’s challenging to attract the saturated audience to a brand-new superhero, and “Blue Beetle” suffered as a result.

Otherwise, there’s not much wrong with the film itself, which could very well find success on streaming platforms. It revolves around a young boy who comes across a supernatural artifact and gains unforeseen powers. In many ways, it feels like a Latino version of Peter Parker, where Jaime Reyes’s large family contributes to the charm of the film.

Stream it on HBO Max from November 17.

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