Margot Robbie: Barbie as a Musical

Margot Robbie wants to bring 'Barbie' to the stage as a musical.

Margot Robbie credit:Bang Showbiz

The 33-year-old actress celebrated a huge success at the box office in 2023 as the legendary plastic doll. According to various reports, Robbie has recently been thinking about producing the hit film as a musical.

When asked if she would bring ‘Barbie’ to Broadway, the Australian native explained in an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “Trust me, this is not the first time… it’s not the first time we’ve thought about it. It’s so much fun to turn everything into a big, crazy musical number. Everything becomes infinitely more entertaining.”

Greta Gerwig Shows Approval ‘Barbie’ director Greta Gerwig would also be keen on a musical about the famous toy doll. “I love musicals,” she says in a conversation with reporters. “So, nothing would make me happier. I would love to make a musical.” That the filmmaker realized her personal vision with ‘Barbie’, lead actress Robbie already revealed at the premiere of the film. At that time, she said: “Of course, the idea for ‘Barbie’ started 64 years ago, but Greta brings it into the world anew, in a way that only Greta Gerwig can.”

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