Michael “Bully” Herbig announces sequel to “Der Schuh des Manitu”

Michael "Bully" Herbig announces sequel to "Der Schuh des Manitu"

Fast ein Vierteljahrhundert nach dem Kinohit "Der Schuh des Manitu" können sich Fans auf eine Fortsetzung der Western-Parodie freuen. (FRANCOIS GUILLOT)

Nearly a quarter of a century after the cinema hit “Der Schuh des Manitu” (The Shoe of Manitou), fans can look forward to a continuation of the Western parody. “Das Kanu des Manitu” (The Canoe of Manitou) is set to hit theaters in 2025, as revealed by director Michael “Bully” Herbig and the production company Constantin Film on Thursday in Munich. Herbig will direct and also serve as the film’s producer.

“Der Schuh des Manitu,” a parody of the Winnetou films from the 1960s, was released in 2001 and became, according to Constantin Film, the most successful German film at the time with nearly twelve million cinema visitors.

Filming for “Das Kanu des Manitu” is set to begin later this year. Herbig co-wrote the screenplay with his colleagues Christian Tramitz and Rick Kavanian, who were also involved in the previous film. Casting details will be announced in the coming months. The announcement teased, “One thing can already be revealed: Abahachi, Ranger, and Dimitri will receive some significant reinforcements!”

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