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“Shadow and Bone” canceled by Netflix after two seasons – fans and creators mourn

"Shadow and Bone" canceled by Netflix after two seasons - fans and creators mourn

“Damn Netflix,” writes a fan on Reddit after the fantasy series and its planned spinoff have come to a disappointing end. The fantasy series “Shadow and Bone” has had two seasons on Netflix and has built up a passionate fanbase. The series is based on the previously popular book series “Shadow and Bone” and “Six of Crows” written by Leigh Bardugo, set in the so-called “Grishaverse.”

The TV series follows the chosen magician Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), who tries to heal the world from the damage it has suffered from a former powerful magician. Other roles in the series are played by, among others, Ben Barnes, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, and Amita Suman.

However, Netflix has chosen to cancel “Shadow and Bone” after two seasons. A specific reason has not been given, but it is probably due to the viewership numbers not being high enough in a time when many streaming services are trying to cut down on content and save money. The planned spinoff that would follow the Crow gang has also been canceled.

The Crows (portrayed here by Kit Young, Amita Suman, and Freddy Carter) will not get their spinoff.

Leigh Bardugo, the author behind the books and executive producer of the TV series, has expressed her feelings on Instagram after the cancellation. Among other things, she writes:

“By now, you’ve probably heard that there won’t be a season 3 of ‘Shadow and Bone’ or a ‘Six of Crows’ spinoff. The news hurt. I am devastated and very disappointed, but I am also trying to hold onto my very genuine gratitude. Most authors never get to see adaptations of their works. Those who do are often disappointed. I am one of the few who has an adaptation to watch with pride and immense joy.”

The post has been liked by Calahan Skogman, who played Matthias Helvar in the series, and Ben Barnes has expressed support with a (black) heart in the comments.

Ben Barnes is one of the actors who has expressed support for Leigh Bardugo after the cancellation of “Shadow and Bone.”

Fans have also taken the news hard. A petition has already been started to get Netflix to reconsider its decision, and many are reacting strongly on social media, especially since the news has been delayed, and during its Geeked Week, Netflix also showcased a game based on the series. A user on the Reddit community for “Shadow and Bone” writes:

“Why didn’t they just say this months ago? Why did they let everyone hope for so long? Damn Netflix.”

Another user suggests that the cancellation follows Netflix’s usual pattern:

“I hate Netflix. I knew this would happen. They do it with every series.”

The chances that fans’ anger will lead to Netflix changing its decision are probably extremely slim. But one can never be entirely sure. As recently as this summer, persistent calls from fans led to the announcement that another canceled Netflix series, “Warrior Nun,” will now return as a film trilogy.

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