The second season of “The Last of Us” will begin filming in February

The second season of "The Last of Us" will begin filming in February

For those who wait for something good, the wait… still seems too long. But now, at least, we have a date to look forward to!

“A Night in the Writer’s Room” is a recurring event organized by the magazine Variety, featuring panels discussing various current projects. One of the participants in the latest edition was “The Last of Us” co-creator and showrunner Chris Mazin.

He revealed that the filming for the second season of “The Last of Us” will commence on February 12, 2024. No closer date for when the season might be ready to air has been provided, but as Thrt reported earlier, we might have to wait until 2025.

Otherwise, we don’t know much about what the season will offer, except that it will cover at least parts of the second game in the video game series. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will return as Joel and Ellie. Additionally, the actor who will portray the antagonist Abby seems to have been found, but who it could be remains a secret.

Check out the trailer for the first season here:

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