New image from “Deadpool 3” reveals a hero with fur

New image from "Deadpool 3" reveals a hero with fur

This is the first official image released since filming resumed after the strikes, and it’s a real winner. “Deadpool 3” was halfway through production when the writer’s strike hit Hollywood. Now, with both the writer’s and actor’s strikes resolved, comes the first official image after work resumed – directly from the character’s official account.

Ryan Reynolds looks as delightful as ever, but who is the furry companion next to him? The caption “Looks like avocado. Tastes like dog poop” at least suggests a certain attitude.

Well, as the account name suggests, this is Dogpool, who in the comics is a variant of Wade Wilson from an alternate universe. In the comics, he was owned by Mascara X (to be compared with Weapon X, the program that coated Wolverine’s skeleton and claws in metal) – a company that tested primarily cosmetic products on the poor pooch. Fortunately, the experiments also led to him, like our Deadpool, gaining the power to heal himself, which in turn led to both a job at the circus and joining the superhero team Deadpool Corps (a group consisting of Deadpools from several different alternative realities).

It’s complicated. It’s superhero comics.

How much of Dogpool’s background will be featured in the film remains to be seen on July 26, 2024, when “Deadpool 3” premieres in theaters.

Until then, one can always enjoy following the official “Dogpool” account, which seems to have been incognito for a few years but recently revealed its true purpose.

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