The text discusses the possibility of a fourth installment in the “Hangover” movie series

The text discusses the possibility of a fourth installment in the "Hangover" movie series

It mentions Bradley Cooper’s openness to the idea and his willingness to immediately accept an offer for such a film. The original “Hangover” movie, released 14 years ago, marked the beginning of a successful trilogy.

Bradley Cooper and his friends experienced a few days of headaches and anxiety in the films, with the first installment receiving a Golden Globe and the entire trilogy collectively earning close to 1.5 billion dollars at the box office.

The text notes that since the last film in the series in 2013, Bradley Cooper’s career has flourished with acclaimed titles such as “A Star is Born” and “Maestro,” the latter also allowing him to showcase his skills as a director. Despite this success, Cooper expresses a willingness to return to the comedic genre and do another “Hangover” film, expressing his love for Todd, Zach, and Ed.

However, there is a potential obstacle to a reunion, and that is the director Todd Phillips, who has since become known for more serious films like “Joker.” Cooper acknowledges that he doesn’t think Todd will make another “Hangover” film.

In conclusion, the text suggests not getting one’s hopes too high for new “Hangover” movies, but it also speculates that the franchise might experience a revival when the original cast is older. Bradley Cooper’s most recent project at the time of the text is the Oscar-tipped drama “Maestro,” set to be released on Netflix on December 20th.

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