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The video game movie “Uncharted 2” is moving forward

The video game movie "Uncharted 2" is moving forward

Mark Wahlberg reveals what’s happening with “Uncharted 2” – and the mustache.

Nothing is confirmed regarding the sequel to the 2022 “Uncharted,” but it sounds like fans can look forward to some good news. The Direct spoke with Mark Wahlberg, who played Sully in “Uncharted,” about the status of the sequel, the script, and that mustache.

Uncharted 2” has not yet been greenlit, but behind the scenes, progress seems to be underway. Mark Wahlberg says:

“I’ve heard many different ideas. I know someone has written a script, and they are still working on it, and it would involve having the mustache all the time. Which is entirely logical; obviously, I have the mustache in the last scene.”

While the first film received a lukewarm reception, Mark Wahlberg is open to a return. And the well-placed facial hair is not an insignificant component:

“When I finally got the mustache, people really appreciated it. And it was a nice conclusion to that film. So if we can make the second one better than the first, I would be open to it.”

“Uncharted” is available to stream on Netflix.

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