“Wonka” is praised by critics: “this year’s big Christmas movie”

"Wonka" is praised by critics: "this year's big Christmas movie"

Critics seem to love the film as much as Charlie loves chocolate. “Wonka,” which initially felt like an unnecessary prequel born out of Hollywood’s chronic lack of new ideas (why does the crazy candy mogul from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” need his own film?), may, according to critics’ reactions on social media, turn out to be a big hit. Reviewers have seen the film and are showering it with praise.

At the center of the acclaim is, of course, the lead actor Timothée Chalamet, who apparently delivers an incredibly charismatic and charming performance as Willy Wonka. Director Paul King (“Paddington”) is also praised, and the film receives acclaim for everything from aesthetics to musical numbers. Even MovieZine’s editor-in-chief, Alexander Kardelo, has seen it and hints at a positive review when it is released on Monday evening. On Instagram, he writes:

“The musical ‘Wonka’ is a well-filled Good & Plenty bag of song, dance, magic, charm, and British humor. The comedy is spot-on, the visuals are a delight, and every supporting role entertains.”

American critics also agree. Reviewer and YouTuber Grace Randolph writes that the film is “shockingly good” and calls it “this year’s big Christmas movie.” See a selection of reactions below, but don’t forget that critics (for some reason) tend to be more positive on social media than in actual reviews, so take it all with a grain of salt (or maybe sugar, after all, we’re talking about Willy Wonka).

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