Bradley Cooper is a huge Metallica fan and a regular at Glastonbury

Bradley Cooper is a huge Metallica fan and a regular at Glastonbury

Hollywood-Star Bradley Cooper mag offenbar gerne Musik der härteren Gangart. (Bild: J. Lingo/AdMedia/ImageCollect)

Hollywood star Bradley Cooper (49) loves music, as evidenced by films like “Maestro” and “A Star Is Born,” where the actor also directed. During a performance in London, he spoke about his musical preferences and revealed, according to “The Hollywood Reporter,” which other star he has attended the Glastonbury Festival with.

Bradley Cooper reminisces about his first Glastonbury visit. After raving about his “Maestro” co-star Carey Mulligan (38), he reportedly also talked about Lady Gaga (37) and their work on the multiple Oscar-nominated “A Star Is Born.” He praised her as well and mentioned that a scene for the musical film was shot at the legendary Glastonbury Festival in England.

Cooper hinted that this was only possible through his good connections. “Glastonbury never allows this, but I’ve been going for so long,” he said. The actor is now friends with the organizers. According to reports, the star first attended the festival almost eight years ago when he was performing in “The Elephant Man” in London. Then, in the summer of 2014, he went to the festival grounds for the first time with none other than his Hollywood colleague Michael Fassbender (46).

“I went that year because Metallica was playing, and I’m a big Metallica fan,” Cooper recalled. “So Michael Fassbender and I went to Glastonbury,” where they also stayed overnight. The audience present reportedly greeted this anecdote with laughter and applause.

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