Eddie Murphy: “My Family Is My Greatest Legacy”

Eddie Murphy: "My Family Is My Greatest Legacy"

Currently starring in the Christmas movie “Candy Cane Lane,” Eddie Murphy emphasizes the importance of a festive atmosphere with his ten children during the holiday season.

Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy has been one of the most successful comedians in the film industry for decades. With films like “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Coming to America,” and “Dr. Dolittle,” he has achieved international success and attracted millions to the theaters. Alongside his professional achievements, the New York native occasionally makes headlines for his personal life: he has a total of ten children—Eric (34), Bria (34), Christian (33), Myles Mitchell (31), Shayne Audra (29), Zola Ivy (23), Bella Zahra (21), Angel Iris (16), Izzy Iona (7), and the youngest, Max Charles (5). This large family creates a lot of hustle and bustle, especially during the Christmas season.

In an interview with the news agency teleschau, Murphy, currently starring in the Christmas movie “Candy Cane Lane” alongside actress Tracee Ellis Ross, revealed how he celebrates the season of love: “At my house, Christmas is always a time full of love, where everyone gets along well. My children are fantastic, down-to-earth people. They are intelligent adults, which makes me very happy. My family is my greatest legacy. It’s not the movies I’ve made but these amazing people I’ve brought into the world.”

With around 40 years in the film industry, Eddie Murphy, although considered a living legend, clarifies that he doesn’t want to be labeled as such: “My willpower has contributed to me being here today. It drives me.”

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