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“Middleman – Jim” Leads the Team in Closing EP.1 of the Series “P’Jed, the Middleman”

"Middleman - Jim" Leads the Team in Closing EP.1 of the Series "P'Jed, the Middleman"

“It’s Worth It” pairs up as the 4th couple, Tutor “Krapat Lamnoi – Jim Pinyakorn” in a BL series “P’Jed, the Middleman.” After waiting for years, the fans of this series finally get their hearts filled with just Episode 1, leaving the cinema audience excited.

They are serving a dose of ‘feels’ with this new BL series that promises to delight the secret admirers, the ones who sneak glances and hope to capture the hearts of their seniors. Tutor Krapat Lamnoi plays a student intern who is ready to conquer the heart of his senior. Jim Pinyakorn portrays Jed, the guy who always seems to be in the middle of everything. He’s the middle child, has a neutral appearance, and is involved in middle-tier sports and academics. But because everyone around him is exceptionally good-looking, he becomes the middleman, hoping to connect relationships.

The series is like a must-watch, with a storyline that’s as irresistible as being caught in a boxing match, and “P’Jed, the Middleman” is a sequel to “Don’t Play with Anon.” The series is still directed by Chiewin Thanamin Wongsuwan, just like before. The series is produced under the helm of the quality production house “MandeeWork,” led by Off Jumpol Grittiyapan and Jumbo Kamthornthip. They bring the fun story for fans to enjoy on both television screens and online platforms.

From being the middleman to striving to be special, the series promises to offer a mix of chaos and warmth. The first episode has already filled the cinema with laughter and smiles with “The Middleman’s 1st Love EP.1” at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin.

The cast includes Tutor Krapat Lamnoi, Jim Pinyakorn, along with a team of actors like Net Siraphob Manatadkun, James Supmongkon Wongwisut, Leo Peeraphan Cheurjarenpanyachai, Tai Thanapat Khajornchai, Mark Soratcharat Buangam, and Tommatheerats Thithatsan Juengmaneekarn. Park Phanutthap Phanubutr also appears in the series as a guest host.

It’s worth the wait for fans of the Feel Good BL series “P’Jed, the Middleman.” Even in Episode 1, it takes the cinema audience on a journey through the relationship of Tutor, who falls in love with his senior, P’Jed, and takes the bold step to pursue him. However, P’Jed remains clueless about the affection of those close to him, making for an exciting and endearing moment. Fans are sure to love watching “P’Jed, the Middleman,” and it’s trending on various platforms.

Tutor and Jim expressed their excitement, saying, “We are very happy that ‘P’Jed, the Middleman’ is finally airing for fans to enjoy. We’ve put a lot of effort into this series, and it’s been a fun and joyful experience. We couldn’t wait to share it with the fans, and we hope everyone enjoys it. This series will provide a different perspective on love, and we hope it warms your hearts. Stay tuned to see how Tutor tries to win P’Jed’s heart and when P’Jed will finally realize. There will also be some office shenanigans. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.”

Enjoy it to the fullest, as it’s not just an exclusive viewing experience, but you’ll also have a blast when Tutor and Jim sing the series’ theme song “Middleman” together, as it is the OST of “P’Jed, the Middleman.” They will also talk about the behind-the-scenes of the production, making you anticipate the upcoming episodes even more. You’ll see more about the work of the creators, including Off Jumpol Grittiyapan, Chiewin Thanamin Wongsuwan, Voranakat Kaewthanyawat, and Nattaya Kalara, who is a writer under the pen name “littlebbear96,” offering a fresh perspective on creating the series and providing an even more enjoyable experience.

Follow the series “P’Jed, the Middleman” every Friday at 10:15 PM on ONE 31 and watch it on YouTube at MandeeWork and on the Uncut Version on iQIYI.

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