Not only “Deadpool 3.” Marvel is preparing more R-rated spectacles.

Not only "Deadpool 3." Marvel is preparing more R-rated spectacles.

For those who think that the age category affects the quality of a film, we have good news. The upcoming comic spectacle “Blade” will have an R rating. This is the second Marvel production for Disney to receive such a rating.

The director of the film “Blade” promises an R rating, but does he really know what kind of film he will make?

So far, the only Marvel film with a confirmed R rating is “Deadpool 3.” All other theatrical productions made for Disney have had PG-13 ratings, although the studio sometimes tiptoed close to an R rating.

The confirmation that “Blade” will have an R rating was provided by the director of the spectacle, Yann Demange, in an interview with Deadline.

“They gave me an R, which is very important,” he said. “We’re going to have a great time because Mahershala is a versatile actor. I’m excited about the opportunity to show his ruthlessness and ruggedness, which allow him to traverse the Earth in this unique, exceptional way. He has dignity and integrity, but there’s also a wildness within him that he usually keeps hidden. I want to unleash that and show it on screen.”

However, there’s a question: does Yann Demange know what he’s talking about?

Variety recently published a massive article about the current state of Marvel. What was written about “Blade” in that article might upset some fans of the character.

To recap, the spectacle was first announced by Kevin Feige four years ago. Since then, despite many attempts, a finalized version for production couldn’t be agreed upon. The project went through the hands of at least five screenwriters and two directors.

Variety reports that in one version, “Blade” was supposed to be a story presented from a female perspective, full of life lessons in which the titular character was pushed into the background.

Reportedly, Mahershala Ali was even ready to walk away from the role because he disliked the various script versions so much.

Filming for “Blade” was supposed to finally start this year. Six weeks before the first clapboard, production was halted, allegedly due to a screenwriters’ strike. However, Variety suggests that in light of recent fan reactions to the MCU, Kevin Feige threw the script in the trash, and work on the spectacle’s plot started from scratch. The new script is being handled by Michael Green, the author of the film “Logan: Wolverine.”

Feige also decided on a radical budget cut. “Blade” will be made for around $100 million, not $200 million, as was the case with most recent Marvel spectacles.

Currently, the premiere of “Blade” is scheduled for 2025.

In the meantime, while waiting for the new “Blade,” we’d like to remind you of an episode of the program “In Brief,” in which we discussed the film “Blade – The Vampire Slayer.”

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